Tips to enjoy Torrevieja during autumn

Normally, when we travel to traditionally famouse beach area, for example, Torrevieja, we normaly tend to think that we can only enjoy this type of places during the summer season while enjoying a day swimming in the sea.

If you are one of that people that has never travelled to a beach destination during winter, we really invite you to do it, to try it and specially to discover the positive mental energy that this beach paradises have during the autumn months.

We know it might be a bit different, but here we go with a full list of plans to do in Torrevieja during autumn!

Beach in Autumn? Of course you can…in a different way!

Torrevieja has soft and warm temperatures during the whole year, however, during summer, temperatures are really high. For this reason, you can really enjoy the beach during September, October and even November. Discover this paradise when there is not too many people but the locals in places that are really crowded in the summer season.

During the whole month of September and early October is totally possible to get a bath, the water won’t be extremely cold! You will also be able to practice some sports in the sand, which might be a bit complicated during summer because of the huge amount of people that goes there.

Enjoy restaurants that are impossible to try during summer!

We place special emphasis on this because sometimes it gets really difficult to enjoy a restaurant and their meal when they are really crowded. However, during autumn months you will enjoy the meal, enjoy the service and enjoy the environment.

Would you like to really discover the area?

Beach places in autumn months do not have a lot of tourism, which means the people in the area is mostly local. These people enjoys a particularly slow and happy way of living you will probably fall in love with.

Forget about going to the most tipical places. Get advantage of being in Torrevieja in autumn and ask local people, interact with them and go to their favorite places.

Do you like sports?

Because of the really high temperatures in the area during summer, sometimes it gets difficult to practice sports during summer. However, we have to say that appart from watersports, Torrevieja is an incredible place for Golf and for hiking. Golf Courses like all the ones you might delight in La Finca Resort are definetly one of the most valued in Europe.

Maxitaxi will be the best option to move around

Torrevieja is a coastal town with people living there the whole year. However, notice that the number of people living in the area during autumn is much lower than in Summer, so the amount of options for your transportation will also be lower.

For this reason, getting a maxitaxi to go to any pleace, and specially to go to the Airport of Alicante or Murcia. In Maxitaxi Spain we have a really personalized pick-up and drop-off service to get to Torrevieja from Alicante Airport and Murcia Airport 24/7. You can make your reservation in advance here.

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