Top Places to enjoy sunset this summer near Torrevieja

Torrevieja is located in Alicante, one of the best cities in Spain for hunting the most incredible sunsets, be it sea or mountain, because of its geographical positioning. In this post we will tell you about some of the best places around the whole province to catch the golden hour. Don’t forget to bring your camera with you!

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Parque natural de las Lagunas de La Mata y Torrevieja:

The park is formed by two main salt lakes that make up to 4000 acres of land. Connected to the sea through the Acequión Canal, they are considered one of the most beautiful natural parks of the whole White Coast. Due to the salinity of its waters and its mediterranean climate, many different species of birds live in the park. Once the sun sets, and again, because of the salt, the waters will turn into a pinkish color revealing one of the most astonishing views you can find in Alicante.

Torre de Tamarit

Located at around a 30 minute drive from Torrevieja, in Santa Pola, we can find the natural park ‘’Las Salinas de Santa Pola’’, a beautiful framework of different lagoons created by filtrations of sea water, and, on its center we encounter with the Tamarit Tower. The tower was built in the XVI Century, precisely in 1552, as a fortress to protect the levantine coast from atacks. But, overtime it has become fully surrounded with water and filled to the brim with fauna like rosed color flamingos. Definitely a place you can’t miss.

La Serra Grossa

The Mountain range from Serra Gorssa offers amazing sunsets all year long, but the best time of the year to really watch it is on the fall. Enjoy the great views from the top of the mountain after a very easy hike, a great plan for families because the kids won’t have to make an enormous effort ti get to the top!

El Palmeral de Elche

37 kilometers away from Torrevieja, in the city of Elche lays the biggest agglomeration of date palm trees in Spain and Europe, with over 200.000 trees. An astonishing plantation that, from far away, is often mistaken with a forest. This palm grove has an agricultural purpose, arranged in square grids where we can find different types of orchards. The park offers many different paths to take fresh walks below the shadow of the palm trees, and, in the golden hour, you will really feel like if you were in another country.

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