5 Reasons to chose MaxiTaxi for your 2021 summer holidays

It’s April, the summer holidays are just around the corner, you are looking forward to spending a relaxing week, or maybe even two, in the wonderful town of Torrevieja, in the coast of Spain, and finally leave some stress behind after all you have worked, but, the year is 2021, and everybody knows what that means: COVID.

Yes, the coronavirus pandemic is still with us, and, yes, the restrictions that come alongside with it are a threat to your relaxing holiday week, but, with a little research to find little things like what airport to fly to (we recommend Alicante or Murcia), what hotel to stay in and what places to visit to enjoy less crowded spaces you can still enjoy every last moment of your vacation.

Why use our taxi service four your travels in the summer holidays?

1- The less people you make close contact with, the better:

A bus ride from the airport to the hotel can be fun if you want to meet people, but in this time it can also be dangerous and the probability of contagion is way higher than hiring a taxi service, where you will enter a freshly sanitized vehicle, only making contact with our driver through a glass wind shield. Your protection matters to us.

2- Ease of use:

We like to provide the best service possible so you can focus on making the most out of your trip, some of our offerings are that we accept payment through credit cards, reducing the contact of a cash payment that would increase the probability of contagion, and the bilingualism of our drivers, for the avoidance of any misconceptions.

3- Waiting time reduced to 5 minutes:

Forget about having to spend an hour in a small place surrounded by people for the bus to come, book our service, go to the arranged pick-up point where our driver will meet you and take you anywhere.

4- Always be on time:

We know how frustrating it can be to lose time in your vacation, hiring our service you will be able to move around Torrevieja as quick as possible, always making it on time to your plans without having to calculate when and where will a bus or train pass to take you where you want to go.

5- We adapt to you:

Either if you are traveling alone, with your couple or you are a big family, we have multiple offerings like large vehicles that will adapt to your needs so you can always be covered.

How to book a taxi from the airports of Alicante and Murcia to Torrevieja

The process to book your taxi is really easy. You just need to go to our homepage or our booking page, make a reservation introducing all the requested data and that’s all. You will receive a confirmation email.

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