5 Advantages of Maxi Taxi Spain Service

The main reason why we decide to go on holidays is not to discover new places. When we go on holidays, we want everything to be perfect without investing too much time on organizing. We need to disconnect, to relax and especially, to avoid stressful situations than can lead to not enjoying our most precious days of the year.

Once of the factors that probably most affects all this is transportation. How many people has ruined their holidays because they left to very last minute the transport schedule?

It is totally normal that back in the 90s and early 00s we had to pay much more money and wait much more time to get from one place to another when we were travelling. Fortunatelly, things have changed a lot and nowadays we have several options to organize our transportation before travelling.

For this reason, we decided to create Maxi Taxi Spain, to provide a really efficient, cheap, easy and good way to travel from the Airport of Alicante or Murcia to Torrevieja. It is simple as that: Making our costumers vacations the easiest as possible.

How do we do it? What are the advantages of travelling with us? Keep reading and discover them!

5 advantages of Maxi Taxi Spain Service

These are the main advantages that would improve your holidays if you decide to travel with us to Torrevieja from the Airports of Alicante or Murcia:

English Speaking Drivers

Although Spanish is one of the top 3 spoken languages worldwide, it has always been really difficult for us to go to a foreign country and don’t find any driver that speaks our language or at least, English. For this reason, we decided that all our drivers need to speak conversational English in order to help costumers and show them the most interesting points of the area.

Forget about cash, pay with credit card

Yes, nowadays is really annoying when you just don’t have cash and the establishment does not accept credit/debit card. If you are from other country different than the Eurozone ones, you might not have interesting changing rates. As we want to make your holidays as easy as possible, our company accepts credir cards.

Security always first, specially for kids!

Security is something that we take not only as a legal requirement, but also as a moral responsibility we do have with our passengers, specially if they are travelling with kids to Torrevieja. For this reason, we have car seats for children and all our vehicles are homologated according to the European Union requirements.

Book in advance and come whenever you want!

It is desperating when you get to your destination at night after your flight and it is hard to get any mean of transport as sometimes there are not too many options appart from conventional taxi because of the night schedule. This is probably one of our biggest advantages, you book your ride from home at the hour you need and one of our drivers will be waiting on you even before your arrival.

Do you like waiting in huge lines for a Taxi? We don’t!

Imagine the previous point and add a huge line. How does that feel? If you have ever experienced it, you totally know what we are talking about. If you book with us, take for granted that you won’t have to wait even 5 minutes.

How to book a taxi from the airports of Alicante and Murcia to Torrevieja

The process to book your taxi is really easy. You just need to go to our homepage or our booking page, make a reservation introducing all the requested data and that’s all. You will receive a confirmation email.

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