Maxi Taxi Spain: What is this service?

A Maxi Taxi is a type of taxi prepared for providing service for up to 7 passengers, as well as they are prepared for handicap people.

Appart from that, Maxi Taxi Spain is a maxi taxi company that provides this service in the area of Torrevieja, connecting people and travellers with the airports of Alicante and Murcia.

Main characteristics of the service

Fixed Price

One of the most important things of this service is transparency. You will always pay a fixed price that you are aware of before making a reservation, avoiding extra charges during your holidays.

Paying by card is possible

Sometimes, not every kind of transport offers this service. For us, this is a must. It is really important that our clients can feel free to pay the way they want so they don’t need to bring cash with them.

Security guarantee

This is another crutial point of our service. Security is not an option for us. We accomplish all the Spanish and the European Union transport regulations regarding car seats for children as well as for handicap people. We really care about the security of our clients.

Personalized Service

Our service is fully customized and personalized. This means you will be able to book your car according to your needs as passenger. In addition, when you travel on general transports, like for example a bus, you can miss it if your flight has been delayed. In our case, there is no problem regarding that. Once you get to the Airport of Alicante or the Airport of Murcia, once of our drivers will be already there waiting for you.

How to book a taxi from the airports of Alicante and Murcia to Torrevieja

The process to book your taxi is really easy. You just need to go to our homepage or our booking page, make a reservation introducing all the requested data and that’s all. You will receive a confirmation email.

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