Covid-19 | How to enjoy Torrevieja on a safe way

Despite we are living a weird year with the Coronavirus Crisis, if we take good precautions to avoid expanding the virus, we can travel to other countries, specially in Europe.

As a taxi company, we guarantee and follow all the recommendations and obligations provided by the Spanish Government. Is our responsability to do it and our commitment has gone and will gone always in protecting our clients.

So if you are planing to come to Torrevieja, we want to give you a few recommendations to enjoy the area and avoid getting infected.

First of all: Get informed about the situation

As it has happened in almost every country in Europe, the Covid situation in Spain has been really hard to contain and people has experienced one of the most restrictive lockdowns all around the world. However, it needs to be said that the biggest points have been, of course, Madrid and Barcelona.

Nonetheless, as the virus has not been eliminated and there is not a vaccine ready, this has nothing to do with getting relaxed with the restrictions. We just want to inform from the inside.

Second: Get a medical travelling insurance

Spain has one of the best sanitary systems globally and it is not very restrictive. However, for your own safety, well being and tranquility, it is recommendable to get a travelling insurance.

Third: Take care of the general precautions

1. Maintain good hand hygiene since soap is the greatest enemy of any virus.

2. Use of masks and goggles in closed spaces or open spaces with many people when the air is not running. It is important to buy your own masks.

3. Maintain safe distances at all times, especially if you are going to the beach.

4. Do not touch our face or eyes to avoid contagion through these routes.

5. Always carry disinfectant wipes and disinfectant gel to disinfect the areas where we sit or eat. It’s better to prevent than to cure!

5. Put on gloves, masks and goggles when you go to a public bathroom.

6. Try to avoid using cash if you are not wearing gloves.

7. Apply common sense. It is about having a good time and not stressing over the new measures that are being imposed by the government to avoid more infections.

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