Torrevieja: Best five beaches in the area (2020)

Delicious sandy beaches, splendid sun and a beautiful sea is just what you will find if you decide to spend your vacations in Torrevieja. Torrevieja has, like most cities and towns on the Costa Blanca, many beautiful beaches. Costa Blanca has around 200 kilometers of coastline, and they are all together in the province of Alicante where you can enjoy days of rest on the sand in the relaxing Mediterranean climate.

Playa del Acequión

Among all the urban beaches in Torrevieja, this is probably the closest to the typical Costa Blanca holiday package image, with tall buildings and restaurants right next to the beach.

Despite the lack of Blue Flag, which represents the quality of the Best Beaches, this is a very popular place throughout the year.

Playa de La Mata

This beach is the longest one in Torrevieja, with a length of 2.3 km, and is located in the Torrelamata Torrevieja farmhouse. This beach limits to the south with Cabo Cervera and to the north with the Torre de la Mata, that gives its name to the town. Many bars and restaurants can be found just next to the beach. It has the following standards: Qualitur, ISO 14000 Environment Quality, ISO 9000 and Eco-Playas.

Playa de Los Náufragos

Playa de los Naufragos is located in San Roque neighborhood, south of Torrevieja and is 325 meters long. During the summer season, the beach has an average of 7,000 visitors per day. The beach is easy accessible for disabled people, it has three watchtowers, lifeguards on the beach and first aid. At Playa Naufragos you will find a small water park for children. It has the following standards: Qualitur, ISO 14000 Environment Quality, ISO 9000 and Eco-Playas.

Playa de Los Locos

Its catchy name (It means Beach of the Crazy People) has to do with an old psychiatric hospital right next to the beach. It is a beach of fine golden sand and calm waters, with a length of 760 meters and a width of 25 meters. The beach is in the northern part of the city.

Playa del cura

Torrevieja’s Playa del Cura is famous for its integration into the urban area of ​​the city. This beach is 325 meters long and 27 meters wide. It is the most central beach in Torrevieja. It has a newly renovated promenade with many bars, gift shops, ice cream parlors and restaurants. It is recommended to visit the Pizza No. 1 restaurant, where you can enjoy good food with a privileged view of the beach. Another good restaurant tip is at the beginning of the beach, the El Tintero Restaurant, built practically on the water and where you can enjoy a wide variety of fish and paellas in the summer season. In Playa del Cura there are 4 watchtowers, lifeguards on the beach and first aid.

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