How do we prevent covid-19 expansion?

Pay with credit card and feel totally safe!

Paying with credit card has been one of the main characteristics of our service since we started. Right now, when avoiding human contact has become more important than ever, this credit card service is one of our main allies to avoid covid – 19 transmission to our clients. Feel safe with us.

Avoid big crowds like lines or buses

Being in a taxi allows you to avoid large groups of people in a mean of transport like a bus or a train. In addition, you wont have to make any line, so you will be avoiding that as well.

Personal hygiene and car desinfection

According to the Global Recommendations against Covid 19 and acting according to Spanish Government Prevention Measures, we permanently desinfect all our vehicles to ensure customers safety. Of course, all our drivers take into acount the personal hyigiene measures to increase prevention and decrease transmission.

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