MaxiTaxi Spain: Benefits of living in Torrevieja

Torrevieja is a seaside city located on Costa Blanca, a part of the southeastern Mediterranean coast of Spain that rests on the province of Alicante.

As many other coastal towns located nearby, Torrevieja used to be a fishing village, but since it is located between two salt lakes (Salinas in Spanish), the locals also worked as salt miners.

In recent times and, in relation with the growth of tourism that lead to a huge increase in both size and population, Torrevieja has become one of the most popular places for europeans to buy holiday houses in the area or directly move to the city.

But, why? In this article we tell you about the benefits of living in Torrevieja.

Learn the benefits of Torrevieja Slow Life

First, let us talk about the Salt Lakes that surround the city, or, better said, about what these Salt Lakes do to the environment. The Salinas contribute to the soft winters, hot summers an innumerable sunny days the region has, being this climate a very healthy one for everybody and especially for people with arthritis, who will suffer much less pain when living in the area.

To continue, we will talk about living close to the sea, an environment that doctors have been recommending for centuries because of many reasons, in this case we will mention the following three:

Relaxation: Stress has one of the most negative impacts in our health, increasing the risk of many illnesses. So, by living by the beach, you will experience the calmness of the breezes of air and the sound of the oceans tide that help you reduce your stress when you are on vacation, but on a daily basis. You will sleep better than a baby.

Mood improvement: This benefit is directly linked to the last one, and combined with the iodine in the sea breeze that balances serotonin levels, anxiety or stress are not something to worry about when living close to the sea. What a life!

More Vitamin D: Living under the Mediterranean sun will increase the dose of Vitamin D that your body receives, which can really help when fighting with depression and is also a great booster of the immune and digestive system. An overall pain killer.

Do you want to enjoy all this benefits?

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